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Lynne Roberts

Support Representative, Classical Conversations

Raised in an environment shaped by educators, Lynne earned her bachelor's degree in special education from USF and a master's degree in school counseling from NCCU. Initially, homeschooling wasn't on the radar for her children. However, since marrying Jon in 1998, they found that it was the best decision they ever made, and one they’ve never regretted. Their children received their education at home throughout high school enrolled in Classical Conversations and both successfully obtained their bachelor's degrees. Recently, their daughter blessed them with their first grandchild, and they take joy in knowing that she will be homeschooled, following in her parents' footsteps. Over the past fourteen years, Lynne has held various positions within Classical Conversations Inc. It's a tremendous privilege to contribute to a shared mission of deepening our understanding of God each day and spreading that knowledge to others.

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