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Sue Puchferran

Board Member, HEF

Sue Puchferran is a Christian educator who advocates for parental involvement in education. She and her husband, both Biomedical Engineers from Purdue University, homeschooled their four children all the way through high school. Their children have successful careers in the fields of medicine, law, nursing, and finance, while maintaining a strong Christian faith. Sue co-founded the Home Education Enrichment Day (HEED) program 21 years ago in Boca Raton, offering a Christ-centered alternative education for grades 6-12. She also started HEED Adventures for homeschool students in grades K-5; a program that teaches children in the way their brains learn best. Sue serves on the board of the Home Education Foundation (HEF), as a homeschool high school advisor, and is an author and conference speaker. Her book, "Completing the Journey: High School/Home School Handbook," provides valuable guidance for homeschooling families.

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