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Jason Crawford

Lobbyist & Chief Communications Officer, Home Education Foundation

Jason Crawford is the new lobbyist and Chief Communications Officer for the Home Education Foundation (HEF). He originally approached the HEF offering his marketing skills to increase visibility. As a father of 4 homeschooled children and a husband of 20 years his core passion is strong families and his desire to preserve parental rights and school choice with the least amount of governmental intrusion gives him a vested interest in the work. In January 2024, he moved his family to Tallahassee to work alongside Brenda as a registered lobbyist. Since joining the team, he has rebranded HEF, created the new website, manages and directs the public communications, speaking engagements, social media, live forum, and the weekly podcasts. After working with Brenda for a year, Jason is ready to take the torch and move HEF into the future.

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